Strategic consulting

We are dedicated to helping managers make informed training decisions. If you’re looking for a different instructional approach for your company or you simply want to improve the quality of the training you currently offer, we can help.

Needs analysis

This is where we put on our Sherlock Holmes hat! To find the right solution, we have to do a little detective work to get a clear understanding of the problem and its context.

The training needs analysis is relatively quick and inexpensive to carry out. It allows you to identify challenges and explore a few ideas for solutions. It’s an essential step, without which, you’re simply fumbling around in the dark. Once completed, you’ll have all the information you need to decide on the next steps and a much clearer picture of your training project.

Content analysis

High-quality training is built on a solid foundation of expert knowledge. ÉduGénie is one of the rare organizations that uses modeling software to create a knowledge model in real time during a working session with a subject-matter expert.

The model uses a graphic language that helps identify and structure the knowledge that needs to be conveyed. It also allows you to establish the framework for the training and choose appropriate educational strategies.

Training and coaching

We offer customized refresher training to upgrade the knowledge of your instructional design team. We can also develop workshops to rework the courses they are responsible for developing.

Sometimes, a little coaching can make all the difference.

Instructional design

Each of ÉduGénie’s customized training projects is developed around a central thread, a story line that gives meaning to the training activity. This stimulates and sustains the interest of participants, who are more easily able to transfer what they learn to their workplace reality and don’t need to be convinced of the relevance of the training.

Producing learning environments

We have all the resources necessary to produce and deliver a turnkey learning environment solution, whether in the form of blended learning instruction, distance education or a digital learning environment.

Evaluating your training

Are you aware of the pedagogical value of your current workplace training? ÉduGénie can conduct an audit to analyse the quality and pertinence of your training activities, the effectiveness of the pedagogical techniques being used, the effectiveness of your assessment mechanisms, the quality of the instructors, and the strengths and weaknesses of the training environment. We make concrete recommendations tailored to your reality.

Development of competency profiles

Competency profiles are valuable tools for promoting the continuous improvement of competencies. They can also become important elements in designing your training or managing your human resources. ÉduGénie has developed several competency programs and will certainly be able to help you create one that suits your needs.

The modeling technique can be used to create competency profiles or to capture the knowledge of experienced employees before they retire.